Month: March 2019

How to Find an Affordable Web Design Company

Are you looking for an affordable web development company?

Businesses will say great web design costs money. In fact, most of these businesses will be hesitant to have their web design work done by a low cost firm. Some of these business owner will rather design the websites on their own than trust some other cheap service. However, finding affordable web design solutions is possible to deliver proper quality design and at the same time work out a cost effective web maintenance fee. I have seen dozens of individual businesses hire freelance web developers, through Upwork or Freelancer, and still get wonderful results. It is not that freelancers are cheap; the truth is that under freelance job boards you will find a lot of variety. Designers living in countries where the cost of living is low will not hesitate to negotiate a reasonable bargain.

I am pretty sure that if you have never hired a web design company before, you won’t even have an idea of where to start. You will find a hectic price difference between low cost and high cost web design companies. For instance, the priciest web developer might change anything from $10, 000 while some will charge as low $250. However, I will make it clear and honest, some of the low cost companies might end up pulling out a cheap website that doesn’t really add up to your business.

You should also probably figure out what makes a great website great

With this in mind you can quite boldly ask you web designer whether they are ready to provide a website with such qualities. Here are among the key features of a great value adding website.

  • Fast Loading
  • User focused copy
  • Accessibility of user information
  • Clear and sound navigation
  • Good SEO
  • Mobile Interactivity
  • Client/visitor interaction


You might consider learning about the pitfalls of a low cost company too. The end result might be a great professional website that sells your brand and has a return on investment. However, sometimes you might find yourself dealing with a poor end product. The cheerless website might be one that does not even appear on search engine and experiences zero traffic.

Consider the following tips while sorting through the maze of web companies while finding an affordable company.

  • Check out other websites in your niche. How do they compare with your business? Finally find out the company or individual that developed those websites and ask how much they charge.
  • When you find a quality company or a list of potential companies, enquire whether they offer customized plans that are affordable.
  • Enquire about the pricing and the payment options. Where an agency requires you to pay in installments for a certain period of time, might sound affordable than paying a whole lot of $10, 000 at once. Consider an agency that will charge $1000 per month for a given period of time.

Do not just limit yourself to the local companies around. Web development services can be offered by thousands of company across the world. However, in case you hire an oversea company, you might have to cope with language barriers, different time zones and cultural difference.